1 LB hamburger meat

1 pkg lipton onion soup

liquid smoke

salt, pepper, garlic salt to preference

4 large portobello mushrooms

1 lg maui or walla walla onion

4 slices pepper jack cheese

Take the mushrooms and remove stems.  Take a small spoon and scrape the fibers out.  Set a side to dry.  Slice the onion in 4 thick slices.  Put hamburger meat in a bowl and mix in onion soup mix, several drops of liquid smoke, and seasonings. Mix well.  (You can make this ahead of time and let marinade).  Take meat and make 4 hamburger patties.  Take a slice of onion and place inside the mushroom, then add the patty on top of mushroom and work it into the case of the mushroom.  Place on BBQ grill meat side down for 5 - 6 minutes.  Turn over and cook another 5 mins.  Place cheese slice on in the last minute.  Serve with ONEHOPE Pinot Noir.




1 ILB Smoked Bacon

2 Lg cans of baked beans

1 small chopped yellow onion

2 Tsp of liquid smoke

2 TBLSP of brown sugar

1 Tsp of Dijon mustard

salt, pepper, and garlic salt to preference

In and a baking dish (I use my cast iron pot) take each strip of bacon and starting from the center of the pot lay bacon across pan, up the side and dangle over.  In a bowl combine all the ingredients above, mix well and pour in pat over the bacon.  When filled, take each piece of bacon and cover the beans.  Slow bake in over on 250 for 4- 5 hours.