ONEHOPE Wine was established by a group of young entrepreneurs who set out to create an outstanding wine brand that would be dedicated to supporting various nonprofits all year round.  Inspired by a friend who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 23, this passionate team was determined to make a difference. ONEHOPE Wine has evolved into a family of branded products and experiences all of which help change the world, including: Coffee, Gifting, Events, Hope at Home and ONEHOPE Foundation.  To date, the sales from ONEHOPE Wine have generated over $1.5 million of donations for partner nonprofits.  Please visit us at:


Our Impact to Date

Just a few examples of how we are making the world a better place

Help Children With Autism

Children with autism provided with ABA therapy

Save Our Planet

Trees Planted

Provide Clean Water

People Provided with Clean Drinking Water

Help Preemie Babies

Preemie babies provided with diapers

Fight Children's Diseases

Children provided with medicine to prevent deadly diseases

Fund Pet Adoptions

Animals Adopted

Help Find a Cure757
Clinical trials for women with breast cancer

Educate Our Girls291
Girls provided with uniforms

Provide Healthcare

Mammograms for women without health insurance

Support Our Troops756

Veterans sent to aid in natural disaster

Fund Microloans

Clinical trials for women with breast cancer

End Hunger

Meals Provided

Our donations are powered by the ONEHOPE Foundation where our partner nonprofits are selected by using a 13-point criteria standard. If you are interested in the ONEHOPE Foundation powering your donations, please visit www.onehopefoundation.org.

Wine of the Month:  ONEHOPE Sauvignon Blanc.  2013 is pale straw in color with flecks of green.  It greets you with a nose of tropical melon, lychee and pink grapefruit.  Aromas of white flowers and grassy undertones add to the subtle complexity of this wine that finishes with bright and lively acidity. 

Every bottle helps plant trees in global reforestation efforts.  $15.00/bottle 20% off til Sept. 8th when you purchase 3 or more.


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